My name is Toni Ricci and I am the proud owner and director of the Elite Dance and Performing Arts Center.  My goal to own a dance studio started when I was just a young dance student.  I spent my entire life training and working towards that goal!  The Elite Dance Center was proudly established in 2012, and we are currently celebrating our thirteenth season!  It was important to me to create a studio that not only excelled in dance education but also would be a supportive community to our students and families.  With our professional and caring staff, graded technique curriculum, award-winning dance teams, and beautiful dance space we truly are able to bring out the best in every dancer.

No matter what type of dancing your child is into or commitment level you’re looking for, the Elite Dance Center is sure to have a place for you! We strive to foster each child’s growth and development, both in and out of the dance classroom, and consider it our privilege to be a formative part of each of our dancers’ lives. We don’t just teach dance lessons; we teach life lessons.

Be a part of the family!

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