Our ballet classes are based on a 7 level curriculum starting from pre-ballet to pre-professional and taught with the classical ballet method.

All of our ballet classes engage in an in-depth barre warm-up, which promotes strength, balance, and form. The class also includes center work, turns, leap, jumps, adagios, allegros, and variation. Our ballet classes are progressive and educational yet fun and positive for ballet students of all ages.


Class placement is based on the annual exam. New students can try level 1 or set up a private assessment to determine class level.


Ballet Performance Classes:*Recital Performance-Based Class.

Ballet Technique Classes: *Non-Recital - Technique Class.



Pointe work is for the more advanced ballet students. Our pointe work is focused in classical ballet. All students must be in ballet 3 or higher to be considered for pointe, and at least 11 years of age. Students will be tested to determine level.


Pre-Pointe: Is a non-performance technique based class that prepares the student for pointe 1 and higher.

Pointe 1 and higher: *Recital Performance-Based Class.

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