Contemporary dance is a dance style that centers on a dancer’s own interpretations. Unlike traditional dance styles such as ballet or jazz, contemporary dance is not associated with specific dance technique but a collection of methods developed from modern and post-modern dance. With a heavy base of improvisation, students will explore a yoga warm-up, improvisational exercises, and phrases set to music. This is a feel-good class!

Recommended taking Ballet or Jazz for technique, as contemporary is the extension of other genres of dance.

*Recital Performance-Based Class.



In this class, students will use a series of evocative instructions that build one on top of the other. Rather than coping with a particular movement, each student actively explores these instructions, discovering how they can interpret the information and perform the task at hand. Influenced in the Gaga technique this class offers a creative framework for students to connect their bodies and imaginations, increasing physical awareness in a welcoming atmosphere connecting mind, body + spirit.

*Non-Recital - Technique Class.