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Please fill out this slip and return it to the studio before your audition.



Please keep this in mind before you audition. The requirements, expectations, and commitment level for team members are as follows:

You must be available both dates to be considered.

Team Auditions:  Friday May 21st    

Future Stars (4-7):  3:30-4:30

Mini (8-10): 4:30-5:30

Junior (11-12): 5:30-6:30

Teen (13-15): 6:30-8:00

Senior (16-19): 8:00-9:00

*There will be a 10-dollar Audition Fee

*Age is based off how old the student will be on January 1, 2022.   

*We do require birth certificates once the student is placed on the team and we do confirm all birthdates.

Call Backs: Saturday May 22nd 

Mini/Junior: 3:00-5:00

Teen/Senior: 5:00-7:00

*Please note you may be asked to come to both depending on your age. 

We do have several options available, and you may choose your ideal path of commitment.  If you mark Dance Team or Hip-Hop Team on your slip you will not be considered for Dance Company. Marking Dance Company is an indication of your interests but not a guarantee of your placement.

School Year and Summer Dance Requirements

The Elite Company:

This company is designed for our most seasoned and advanced dancers ages 13+.  This is by placement only and the decision will be made by the Director and Assistant Director.  It is a specific program based around ballet and jazz technique.  This is the most prestigious placement and has its own set of prerequisites, requirements, and opportunities.

As an Elite Company Member, you:

*Are guaranteed a solo and may have two if you wish

*May choose an outside choreographer if the director approves

*Automatically gets to compete solos at all events (If slots are available)

*Will get first chance to be in numbers with guest choreographers

*There is not a cap on group numbers but most likely will not exceed 8.  (You can choose up to how many you want to participate in)

*Will receive one free group if in 6 or more.  (Entry fees and costume fee will still apply)

*Will be guaranteed to have all dances in one rotation

Requirements for Elite Company member ages 13+:

*Must be a company member for over 3 years.

*Must be at least 13 years old

*Must be currently training in 4-5 hours of ballet a week.

*Must be actively participating in the convention circuit and be available for travel for Break the Floor events.

All Elite Dance Company members are REQUIRED to take the following classes during the school

*Ballet: 5 hours of ballet a week (this can include a pointe class)

*Jazz/Leaps and Turns (1hr-1.5hr)        

*Contemporary/Improvisation (1hr-1.5hr)

*Hip-Hop (1hr)   

*Stretch and Injury Prevention (1 hr) *NEW

*Your choice of Ballroom, Tap, and Acro (you may take all and we recommend that)

*This is a 10-hour a week program. 

Summer Requirements:

It is important that competitive team dancers keep up with their skills and flexibility throughout the summer before going into the dance season.

*The Ballet Intensive: July 14th-16th

*The Summer Intensive: August 2nd to the 6th (Teen/Sr)

* 6 hours of weekly training in the summer.  That consists of two 1.5 hr ballet classes, Jazz/Leaps, Contemporary/Improv and an elective class.

*Team Conditioning Training August 30th to Sept 2nd.

The Dance Company: 

Requirements for Company Members

This is also a technical based company and is designed for serious dance students who compete.  Students must have 3 years or more of ballet and technique-based training for 5+ hours a week.

All students are REQUIRED to take the following classes during the school year:

*Ballet: 4-5hours or more of ballet a week (This can include pointe)

*Jazz/Leaps and Turns (1hr-1.5hr)        

*Contemporary/Improvisation (1hr-1.5hr)

*Hip-Hop (1hr)   



*Company members ages 7-10 may be asked to also take Legs and Feet in place of one less hour of ballet.

*This is a 10-hour a week program. 

Also please keep in mind that a dancer will not be cast in a dance in a style that they have not previously trained in.

Summer Requirements:

It is important that competitive team dancers keep up with their skills and flexibility throughout the summer before going into the dance season.

*The Summer Intensive: July 26th to the 31st (Mini/Jr) or August 2nd to the 6th (Teen/Sr)

*6 hours of weekly training in the summer.  That consists of two ballet classes, Jazz/Leaps, Contemporary/Improv and an elective.

*Team Conditioning Training August 30th to Sept 2nd.

The Dance Team: Ages 8+

Requirements for Dance Team Members

This program is designed for students who love to dance and want to be a part of a team!  This is our most flexible program. It is perfect for a dancer who is seeing if they like dance or a dance student who still wants to participate heavily in school sports and activities.

All students are REQUIRED to take the following classes during the school year:

*Ballet (1-2hr)

*Contemporary or Lyrical (1hr)

*Leaps and Turns (1hr)

*Jazz (1hr)

*Tap or Hip-Hop (1 hr))

*Acrobatics/Tumbling (Not required but strongly recommended)

*This is a 5-hour per week program

Summer requirements:

*The Summer Intensive: July 26th to the 31st (mini/jr) or August 2nd to the 6th (Teen/Sr)

*Two summer classes one of which must be ballet or jazz.

*Team Conditioning Training August 30th to Sept 2nd.

The Hip Hop Crew: Ages 7+

The Hip-Hop team is for dancers and is specific to hip-hop. It is perfect for dancers who want to compete but do not want to train in other styles.

All students are REQUIRED to take the following classes during the school year:

This is for students only interested in performing in Hip-Hop numbers.

*Hip-Hop (2hrs) Two classes will be required

*Jazz (1hr) 

*Elective Class (1hr) Dancers may choose another style of dance for their elective class from Jazz Funk, Ballet, Leaps and Turns etc.  

*This is a 4-hour per week program.

Summer requirements:

*1 Hip-Hop Class over the summer

*Hip-Hop Fest Aug 16th and 17th 5-8pm

*Team Conditioning Training August 30th to Sept 2nd.

Elite Future Stars: Ages 5 to 7

This is for our youngest group of aspiring dancers.  If your child is interested in dance competing this is a great place to start without too much commitment.

All students are REQUIRED to take the following classes during the school year:

*Ballet (45mins to 1 hour)

*Jazz (45mins to 1 hour)

*Acrobatics (45mins to 1 hour)

*Team class (Will meet once a week for 1 hour) They will learn their competition dance during this time, so they will not have additional rehearsals unless needed.

*This is 4-hour per week program.

Summer requirements:

*One class of your choice

*One camp of your choice: Can be a 2-day Mini Camp or the week-long camp!

Competition Commitments:

The Elite Company: Will compete at Break the Floor events.  Will also compete at the other competitions but will not be doing every number at every event.

The Dance Company: May compete at all of the competitions. Not every number may be competed at all competitions; we will make those decisions as the dances are completed.  Will attend one convention and may participate in more.

The Dance Team:  Will compete at 2-3 competitions and will attend one convention.

The Hip-Hop Crew:  Will compete at 2-3 competitions with the option of a convention.

Elite Future Stars: Will compete at 2 competitions with the option of a convention

We will be attending a variety of conventions and competitions during the 2021-2022 dance season. Please note that most competitions and conventions have not posted exact dates.  We will have a better idea of what we are attending by the end of the summer. We may not go to all of these but this is an idea of what we will be doing.

  • Kids Artistic Revue, Spotlight Dance Cup, Hall of Fame Dance Challenge

*We will be doing 2 or 3 and all companies will attend these.  Elite and Company members may not do all numbers.

  • Jump Dance Competition and Convention - Required for Company and Dance Team members.
  • NUVO Dance Competition and Convention - Elite Company and Company members must attend if groups are going.
  • 24/Seven, Radix Dance Competition and Conventions - Elite Company members optional to compete solo and convention/Company members optional to attend convention.

There are also occasional events that we are asked to perform at such as Dance for a Cause, Capezio Dance Day, St. Mel’s Carnival, and school festivals. These events are fun, educational, and great team builders.

Financial Commitment:  Some Fees Subject to Change.

Just like any other activity your child does, there is a cost.  There are entry fees for competitions, as well as cost for conventions, costumes and travel.

*We are unsure of what conventions will look like in the near future so costs may vary. We are giving the costs from last year. Elite, competitions, and conventions all reserve the right to change costs.

Admin Fees per team member:

Elite Company, Dance Company: $200

Dance Team, Hip-Hop, and Future Stars: $100

The convention fee for all conventions is $325. (This does not include entry fees)

The cost per routine is $225. This includes the costume, the choreography sessions, and two additional cleaning rehearsals.

Entry Fees per group routine is $75. Most routines will compete twice, but some advanced routines may compete up to four or five times.

Solos are $150 per entry.

It is up to you to decide how many dances you want to be considered for.

That does not mean, however, that your dancer will be placed in the number of dances requested. We will guarantee (1) one number for hip-hop crew and dance team, and (2) two numbers for the dance company.

This does not include any additional entry fees, hotel, travel, food, etc.

PLEASE NOTE:  There may be additional costs per routine, for extra rehearsals, events and/or competitions.

Payment: We recommend registering as soon as our registration opens. We will be doing in person or online registrations in the next month to ensure you get into all your required classes. There is no guarantee the required classes will be available after that date. The competition balance will be split into (6) automatic payments on July 1st, August 1st, September 1st, October 1st, Nov 1st and December 1st this includes choreography, costumes, mandatory convention, and entry fees for attending competitions.

*Additional competition and entry fees will be paid with a due most often one month before the competition.


All choreography will be set on Saturdays and Sundays from the end of August 2021 through November 2021. Some dances may begin sooner. The dances will be taught in 2-3 choreography sessions. They will be from 3-6 hours each. The number of sessions will depend on the commitment accepted by the dancer.

Future Stars Fridays 3:30pm-4:30pm: Will have a regularly set class time every week to rehearse.

Saturdays Rehearsal Time estimated from 1:00pm-5:00pm will be a standard cleaning rehearsal slot for all Teen and Senior numbers.  All dances will be on a rotating schedule. We will do our best to as many numbers in the same rotation as possible.

Fridays from 3:30pm–8:30pm will be a standard cleaning rehearsal slot for all Mini/Junior numbers. *There is a chance all rotations may be moved to Saturday and I will not know for sure until the fall schedule is complete in May.

*Some dancers may end up in both Mini/Jr and Teen/Sr numbers and will need to be available both those time slots.

It is important you are available these days and times.  Most dancers will not need to attend every week but should keep the time open.

Team Wear: 

All Dance Company, Team, Hip-Hop Crew, and Elite Future Stars members are required to have an Elite team jacket, leggings, crop or tank top, backpack, and a competition makeup-kit through Yofi Cosmetics. All team wear can be ordered through Twirl Dance Boutique.


Elite is proud of its family environment. Elite dancers are best friends in class and out.  They are determined, dedicated, and cheerleaders for each other.  We care more about the people they become than the trophies they win.  While dance competitions are fun, they are not why we dance.  Dance is an art and a skill that takes years to master.  Every student and parent on Elite’s teams support these ideas and has an amazing camaraderie.  Any type of negative comment, attitude, and judgment will not permitted either from the PARENT OR STUDENT. Remember children take their cues from their parents.

The Audition Process:

The auditions will be held by the instructors and choreographers of the Elite Dance Center.  Dancers will be tested in jazz technique including but not limited to: leaps, turns, flexibility, and alignment. Dancers will also learn a jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop combination to perform in groups.

We will be casting both large and small groups in the following styles of dance: Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Tap, Ballroom, and Musical Theater.  We will decide which style of dance is best suited for the dancer.  Again, please keep in mind team and company members will not be cast in a style of dance they have not trained in.

Call Backs: We are asking all students to return for callbacks. The director and the assistant director will meet after auditions. The audition is more for us to see technically where the dancers are.  The call back process will be for us to see the dancers more in specific groups together.


Please note that while we will do our best to ensure every child at Elite gets the experiences they desire, we create dance routines based on ability, level, experience, age, dedication, and ATTITUDE. While you may believe your child should be showcased in a certain style of dance the instructors who work with them may feel differently.  The Elite staff has been a part of the dance world for decades and we ensure that the decisions that are made are what is best for your dancer and the group as a whole.  Placement in these routines will stand firmly. Any judgments passed will result in automatic dismissal from the team. Every student here has their own gift that they bring.  Please do not take it upon yourself to pass judgment on what you think another child should level at. If you do not wish to participate in a dance that your child is cast in, they may turn down the offer.  However please keep in mind that they will give up their spot and will not be placed in another routine.  Every team has amazing talent, so no matter what team you’re on; your experience will be great!