The Elite Dance Company is our nationally award winning competitive dance team. This team is made up of advanced dancers of all ages who are committed to a higher level of dance training. Our dance company competes at several different conventions and competitions both locally and out of state throughout the season.

Elite Dance Company has some of the best technical dancers and movers in the Los Angeles Area! We pride ourselves on the technical based training they receive.

Dance company members train 10-17 hours a week.

Classes Consist of:

*Leaps and Turns
*Legs and Feet
*Stretch and Conditioning
*Aerial Silks


The Focus Is Not Simply on Competition


It is our goal to instill in our students a passion for performing rather than merely the desire to win awards. Toward that end, Competitive dancers have performance opportunities other than competitions. They may perform in local community events, special parades, as well as part of other performances in the area. We believe the lessons learned through concert performances are as valuable as the competition experience.

Our solid reputation for quality reflects our attitude toward competition and our goal to develop in each student a genuine respect for dance as an art form. We consider students’ participation in competitions not merely part of their dance training; it’s also an important part of how we influence their growth as people. With the right focus, the experience gained in competition can be an excellent source of self-confidence. If the dancers feel good about a performance and understand that they become better each time they go onstage, they are truly growing through the competition experience. Hitting that stage and doing the best they can is what it’s all about; whether they win––or which award they win––is secondary.

Through participation in competitions, we hope to instill in our students an appreciation for other dancers and schools. We are not out to beat anyone; instead, we hope to motivate both students and faculty by exposing them to the highest caliber of talent available. Only then can we produce the best dancers and teachers possible. For us, competition is an education!


Program Benefits


Only a small percentage of the dancers in our Competitive Program will move on to professional dance careers; therefore, the program focuses on educating young people to strive for their personal best in anything they want to accomplish. We achieve our goals for the program by offering young people the chance to:

  • Gain a sense of balance in life by managing their commitments to both dance and academics;
  • Participate in a physical activity that enhances understanding of the value of a healthy body;
  • Develop a sense of confidence when speaking or making a presentation in a public setting, which is also a great benefit in college or job interviews;
  • Work with mentors who are focused on the students’ success inside and outside of the classroom;
  • Enjoy friendships that could last a lifetime and a sense of belonging to an extended family of fellow dancers, teachers, and parents;
  • Discover the results of hard work and determination; and
  • Develop a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts.


Interested in becoming a member?

If you are interested in joining our team please reach out to us via phone at 818-704-1490 or email us at [email protected] for information! We have team auditions every spring and love meeting new members. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of it all!