“Lullabye Goodnight My Angel)” (Billy Joel) – Monday 3:30 Ballet (Toni)

07 Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)


“Hot Hot Hot” (Buster Poindexter)- Monday 4:30 Jazz (Toni)

03 Hot Hot Hot


“Eye on It” Monday 4:30 Acrobatics (Sara) Edited Cut

Monday 4:30 Acro – Elite


“Tell Her About It” (Billy Joel)- Monday 5:30 Tap (Toni)

2-05 Tell Her About It


“Dance With Me” Monday 5:30 Ballet/Tumble (Sara) Edited Cut

Dance with Me (Edit)


“Watersong” (The Cranes) – Monday 6:30 Ballet

01 Watersong


“One Girl Revolution” Monday 6:30 Jazz (Sara) Edited Cut

Monday Jazz Elite 2014-2015


“99 Red Balloons”  Monday 7:30 Contemporary (Katie)

99 Red Balloons, edit for recital


“Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” (Harry Connick Jr)- Tuesday 3:00 Ballet (Toni)

03 Can’t Help Falling In Love With You


“Shake It Off” (Taylor Swift) – Tuesday 4:00 Jazz (Toni)

06 Shake It Off


“I Love Rock and Roll”(Britney Spears) – Tuesday 5:00 Jazz (Toni)

15 I love rock and roll


“As It Seems”(Lily Kershaw) – Tuesday 6:30 Contemporary (Toni)

03 As It Seems


“Ladies Night” (Kool and the Gang)- Tuesday 8:00pm Adult Tap (Toni

08 Ladies Night (Single Version)


“If You Wanna Be Happy” (Jimmy Soul) – Wednesday 3:00 Jazz (Toni)

11 If You Wanna Be Happy 1


“Me And My Girls” Wednesday 4:00pm Acrobatics (Sara) Edited Cut

Me and My Girls – Wednesday 4:00 Acro – Elite 2014-2015


“Hard Knock Life/Little Girls” (Annie/Movie) – Wednesday 4:30 Jazz (Toni)

03 It’s The Hard-Knock Life

08 Little Girls (2014 Film Version)


” A Different Beat” Wednesday 5:00 Acrobatics (Sara) Edited Cut

Different Beat – Wednesday 5:00 Acro – Elite 2014-2015


“Something In The Water” (Carrie Underwood) – Wednesday 7:30 Contemporary (Toni)

01 Something in the Water


“Electric Youth” (Debbie Gibson)- Thursday 3:30 Pre Company Jazz

Electric Youth


“Only One” (Kanye West)- Thursday 3:30 Pre Company Ballet

01 Only One (feat. Paul McCartney)


“Get Down On It”(Kool & The Gang)- Thursday 5:00 Jazz Competition B (Toni)

05 Get Down on It


“Baby Mine”(Nick Lachey) – Friday 3:00 Ballet/tap (Toni)

02 Baby Mine


“So Small” (Carrie Underwood)- Friday 3:45 Ballet (Toni)

03 So Small


“D.A.N.C.E” (Justice) – Friday 5:00 Jazz Competition A (Toni)

03 D.A.N.C.E.


“You Can’t Stop The Beat” (Hairspray/Movie) – Friday 5:30 Company (Toni)  “Edited Cut”

You Cant Stop The Beat GB Edit 1


“Imagine” (Eva Cassidy)- Friday 7:30 Company (Toni and Steven)

05 Imagine


“Fly To Your Heart”(Selena Gomez)- Sat 9:15 Ballet/Tap (Natalie)

02 Fly to Your Heart


“Your Smiling Face” (James Taylor) – Saturday 9:15 Ballet/Tap (Toni)

1-05 Your Smiling Face


“Once Upon A Dream” (Maleficent) Saturday 10:00 Ballet/Tap (Natalie)

23 Once Upon a Dream


“Love Is An Open Door” (Frozen) – Saturday 10:00 Ballet/Jazz (Toni)

04 Love Is an Open Door


“Dream” (Priscilla Ahn) – Saturday 11:00 Ballet (Toni)

01 Dream


“Blank Space” (Taylor Swift) -Saturday 12:00 Jazz (Toni)

02 Blank Space


“Be True To Your School” (The Beach Boys)  -Saturday 1:00pm Jazz Competition C (Toni)

05 Be True To Your School