ivyBallet Overview:

These are structured classical ballet classes, focusing on the importance of technique, grace, and posture. All of our ballet classes stress correct placement (body alignment), and correct classical ballet technique. Classes also engage in an in-depth barre warm up, which promotes strength, balance, and form. The class includes center work, turns, leap and jumps. Some of our classes may also include some contemporary ballet. This ballet style takes technique and body control using abdominal strength from classical ballet, but permits a greater range of movement that may not adhere to the strict body lines or turnout.

Our ballet classes are progressive and educational yet fun and positive for ballet students of all ages. Class levels are determined by the instructor, and also based on an individual assessment when the student takes a trial class.

Ballet I-II:_77A5013

Ballet at this level focuses on basic ballet concepts and terminology. There is less barre work and more independent movement. Balance, hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping (basic locomotor movements), age appropriate stretches, basic positions of the feet and arms, and ballet class etiquette are part of the program.

Ballet II-III:

Ballet for this level reinforces the basic concepts learned in Ballet I and then gradually introduces the students to a more traditional ballet class. Students begin to learn an extended barre routine and center exercises. This process is gradual to ensure that students develop their muscles correctly and do not force turnout. Musicality becomes more important, as well as memorization of ballet terminology. More complex combinations are given as students’ progress.

Ballet III-IV:

This level of training is designed for ballet students who want to advance their studies and/or prepare for pointe. The traditional ballet class format of barre followed by center exercises is used. Correct placement and turnout continue to be emphasized.

Ballet Technique:

This class is for the more serious dancer. Designed for growth as a dance technician this class is non performance based. This class trains in the basic fundamentals of classical ballet technique and progresses. This helps the dancer develop placement, strength, control, concentration and self-discipline. As students advance combinations become more complex and steps must be executed with precision.