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DANCE TEAM CONTRACT (all team members must sign and return upon registration)






All choreography will be set on Saturdays & Sundays from the end of August 2018-November 2018.

Dances are taught in (4) 2.5hr sessions.


Elite Future Stars: Will have a once a week class to rehearse competition dances.

Wednesdays from 7pm-9pm: is the cleaning slot for all Teen and Senior routines, Dances will be on a rotating schedule.

Fridays from 3:30pm-5:30pm: will be the standard cleaning rehearsal for all Mini routines.

Fridays from 5:30pm-8:30pm: will be the standard cleaning rehearsal for all Junior routines. Dances will be on a rotating schedule.


*Some dancers may end up in both Mini/Junior, or Junior/Teen dance routines and will need to be available for both time slots. Most dancers will not need to attend every week, but their schedule needs to be open just in case.


TEAM FEES 2018-2019

  • $300 Team Fee for all members (This includes the cost of the dance convention)
  • $200 Cost per routine (This includes costume, choreography sessions and the cleaning rehearsals)
  • $75 Entry Fee per group routine / per competition. Most routines will compete twice (some advanced routines may perform more)

    Costumes Fees: Typical cost are $80-$100 per costume. The only costume covered in the team fee is one for the team your child is on. All other costumes payments are still due on time.


PLEASE NOTE: We may add up to $250 in additional costs, per team, for extra rehearsals, events and/or competitions.

A deposit of $100 is due upon registration. We recommend registering at our Registration Day on May 21st to ensure you get into all your required classes. There is no guarantee the team required classes will be available after that date.

The remaining balance will be split into (4) automatic payments on July 1st, August 1st, September 1st, and October 1st, 2018.

All competition entry fees will be automatically deducted on Jan 1st, Feb 1st, and March 1st, 2019. You may add your entry fees into your initial payment.